The Tutorial Team

All of our tutors in the CSG Tutorial Team are qualified professional graphologists.

Barbara Weaver

Barbara WeaverThe Cambridge School of Graphology is run by Barbara Weaver. She is a former teacher and has taught for many years in Sixth Form Colleges in various parts of the country. She has tutored on other diploma courses in graphology and has seen many students successfully through their exams. One of her interests has been researching the handwriting of identical twins whose ages range from 12 to 99. In her business career, she has been involved in the screening of security personnel for a world famous International store. She is also classed as a forensic graphologist and has a certificate in document examination.  She carries out document examination work on such things as forgeries, questioned signatures and poison pen letters. As well as serious business and personal assignments, she gives talks to business and social groups. Her special interests lie in the detection of potential violence in handwriting.

Olga Gavriilidou

Olga GavriilidouOlga Gavriilidou holds both an Advanced Diploma in Handwriting Analysis and a Diploma in Forensic Graphology from The Cambridge School of Graphology. She is a certified forensic graphologist in Greece and carries out document examination work on forged documents and questioned signatures for the public prosecutor and court of the first instance.
She holds a BA in Psychology which she uses in combination with graphology and tree drawing analysis in her work as an analytical graphologist preparing personality profiles that aim to personal development.
She is a Certified Data Protection Officer (DPO) according to the European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and a phD student in the Dept. of Information and Communication System Engineering in the School of Engineering of University of the Aegean researching digital privacy. Check her out on

Karen Hunt

Karen Hunt has recently graduated from the Cambridge School of Graphology’s Advanced Diploma Course.  She is well versed in the methods, principles and techniques taught in the Advanced Diploma course and is ideally suited to help students with their progress.  She also has a Diploma in Forensic Graphology with CSoG.

Bernadette Hunt

Bernadette Hunt (no relation to Karen above) holds an Advanced Diploma in Handwriting Analysis from The Cambridge School of Graphology and a Diploma in Forensic Graphology from the Cambridge School of Graphology.

Having enjoyed a wealth of work experience incorporating law, social research and agriculture, I feel privileged to have met and worked with so many people from all walks of life, who between them have encountered, handled and in some cases triumphed over some of the most challenging circumstances and situations that life can produce. From the most confident and enterprising to the disillusioned and downhearted they each have their story to tell.

I am fascinated by people, and not to mention, curious, as to why and how we all behave in the way we do.  This is perhaps why I have become so drawn to and absorbed by graphology. Over the years I have discovered the answers, as to why do some people appear more complex or troubled than others? What makes our responses and social interactions so variable? What drives people to do the things they do? Why do certain people blow hot and cold? Not to mention what makes the ditherers and clock watchers tick.

Well, like me, you too, can enjoy finding the answers within graphology. Not only will your curiosity be satiated, the insight and knowledge will prove invaluable. Analysing handwriting, easily extends to lifelong learning as well as a gripping pastime because quite simply, once you start, like many graphologists, you may fail to stop.