Forensic Graphology Course

Diploma in Forensic Graphology

Forensic graphology covers many areas of investigation such as signature authentication, verifying handwriting on documents legal and non legal, comparisons of a suspect’s handwriting with poison pen letters.

Just like fingerprints, handwriting is unique to each individual.  Once we have learned to write as a child, the way we write becomes an unconscious act and completely embedded in our subconscious and is difficult to disguise.  A forger is unlikely to be aware of the nuances of a person’s handwriting just by eyeballing the writing.

A forensic graphologist uses a number of tools and pieces of equipment to detect forgeries and obliterations and these are dealt with throughout the course.

Course Synopsis

Half of the course will concentrate on handwriting analysis and the other half of the course will concentrate on document examination.

Students will receive a good level of knowledge and understanding on the principles of graphology and how this knowledge and acquired level of expertise can be applied forensically to the study of handwriting on various types of documentation.

Different types of forged documents will be looked at as well as anonymous and poison pen letters.

We expect students to take at least one to two years to complete the course.

Students can expect to receive the following

  • course materials
  • an emotional dial for measuring slant
  • 30 lessons
  • supplements
  • document examination exemplar tests
  • the final examination tests the student’s knowledge of handwriting analysis and document examination
  • unlimited tutorial guidance and support

Students will need

  • a good hands-free magnifier
  • digital microscope
  • computer
  • scanner
  • light table/box
  • camera/photographic equipment
  • measuring tools eg see-through ruler, protractor etc

Cost of course: £2000 (instalments can be arranged)

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