Advanced Diploma Course

The Cambridge School of Graphology offers an advanced handwriting analysis course that will provide you with a professional qualification in graphology.

From the Advanced Diploma course you will learn how to produce an in-depth and comprehensive analysis from any individual’s handwriting, whether it is written in English or any other language. The basics remain the same.

This course is distinctive in that it incorporates the principles of both Trait Stroke and Gestaltist schools of thought. By combining the two schools, you will gain a richer and more detailed awareness of how to create the portrait of the writer.

As a student you do not need to have any previous qualifications before you start on this voyage of discovery.

The course consists of 30 lessons plus the final examination.

Course synopsis

Trait recognition will form part of each lesson

  • Lesson 1 introduces the first holistic element ‘Movement’ and speed
  • Lesson 2 introduces emotional responsiveness – the slant of the writing and how this links to movement.
  • Lesson 3 introduces the second holistic element – Arrangement (Margins, spacing etc)
  • Lesson 4 introduces the third holistic element – Form (stroke structure)
  • Lesson 5 covers Size of writing – concentration and degree of awareness
  • Lesson 6 covers depth of writing, primary pressure, displaced pressure etc
  • Lesson 7 covers how letters are connected, angles, garlands, arcades and thread
  • Lesson 8 covers printed writing
  • Lesson 9 covers the Personal Pronoun I
  • Lesson 10 covers signatures and persona
  • Lesson 11 covers loops in lower, middle and lower zones as well as imagination
  • Lesson 12 covers stroke beginnings and stroke endings
  • Lesson 13 covers thinking styles
  • Lesson 14 covers goals and aspirations
  • Lesson 15 covers communication and social interaction – whether the writer is talkative or reticent. Contamination in the communication letters a d g o also reveals secrecy, manipulation, deceit, evasion and self deceit.
  • Lesson 16 / 17 / 18 covers zones – zones are important because they reveal where our preoccupations lie, whether they be in abstract intangibles, in the ‘here and now’ of everyday life, or in the material/sexual side of life.
  • Lesson 19 covers Fears and defences – fears which can hold us back from achieving our true potential. They also affect the way we react towards others, whether we move towards, move away or move against people. This is discussed more in Lesson 26 with relation to Horney’s work
  • Lesson 20 covers evaluated trait combinations
  • Lesson 21 covers numbers, doodles, colour of ink
  • Lesson 22 covers criminality in handwriting
  • Lesson 23 covers statement analysis
  • Lesson 24 covers theories of personality starting with Freud and Jung
  • Lesson 25 covers other typologies – planetary types etc
  • Lesson 26 covers theories of personality Adler, Horney etc
  • Lesson 27 covers attitudes to work and job selection
  • Lesson 28 covers self awareness and analysis of own handwriting
  • Lesson 29 covers a range of business report writing
  • Lesson 30 covers personality profiles and report writing
  • Lesson 31 – final examination

This is a brief outline of the course. To receive the prospectus outlining the full syllabus, please contact us.

Throughout the course, you will be involved in looking at handwriting and preparing analyses of different lengths and different levels of expertise. Each lesson involves individual assignments which are externally marked by your personal tutor. These are returned with model answers after being marked.

Continuation from one lesson to the next is determined by successfully passing the assignments set. After each assignment, you will receive comprehensive feedback.

The course is a distance learning course and it is expected that all material will be sent by email in pdf format. However, a paper version is available if preferred (see below).

Course duration: Expected to be approximately 2 years. Please read the Terms and Conditions which apply.

How to apply

To apply for this course, please contact us for an application form either at the address below

The Cambridge School of Graphology
16A High Street
CB25 9FT

or use the contact form on this website

On successful certification, you will be invited to join the Association of Qualified Graphologists.

If you have any questions about the Advanced Diploma Course don’t hesitate to contact us.

Course fees

  • Email version: ¬£2000 in total
  • Instalments can be arranged if preferred