Forensic Graphology – Document Examination Services

Barbara Weaver, BA (Hons), cde MCSG: Forensic Graphologist

By profession, I am a fully trained professional graphologist as well as an independent certified Document Examiner. I adhere to a strict code of ethical practice and all cases are treated with the utmost respect, privacy and confidentiality.

I provide specialist services in signature authentication, forged legal documents, poison pen letters, graffiti, identity theft and other fraudulent activities.

Document and Signature Examination

Examples of document examinations for a variety of clients:

  • Graffiti – Ikea
  • Graffiti – Imperial Commercials, Peterborough
  • Anonymous obscene letters – National Airline
  • Anonymous letter – Tai Kwando club, Peterborough
  • Obscene birthday card – private client
  • Fraudulent signature – private client
  • Threatening letter – Harrods
  • Questioned signature – private client
  • Questioned signature – Solicitors, Mildenhall, Suffolk
  • Anonymous poison pen letters – hotel in Cambridge
  • Questioned signature – Solicitors, King’s Lynn, Norfolk
  • Anonymous letter – private client
  • Poison pen letters – Norfolk estate management
  • Poison pen letter – Essex
  • Questioned signature – Pakistan estate agency
  • Questioned signature – genealogy document – private client
  • Poison pen letter – Recruitment company
  • Questioned signature – Ombudsman vs Halifax Bank – private client
  • Questioned signature and title on painting – private client
  • Defamatory anonymous letter – private client
  • Questioned signature on legal document – private client
  • Questioned signature on legal document – private client
  • Questioned handwriting in notebook – private client
  • Questioned signatures on legal document – private client